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Here is where you will be able to download the free Ask Fm tracker!

All of you are here for the same reason, either you or a friend is receiving hat on ask.fm and you would like to find out who is sending it. Well, this has become easy to do with our new ask.fm tracker! You can easily track Answered and Unanswered questions by simply pasting the link in our tracker!

The tracker reveals the IP address of the anonymous asker, with the IP address; you can find out any information about the person, even thir phone number! If you are sick of hate and rude questions on Ask Fm, then simply download our Unique tracker!

The ask fm tracker wors on any computer, Windows, MAC or anything else you have! It even supports mobile!

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Download it free by clicking the download button below!



1. Download the program from the link below and extract the .ZIP to your Desktop.
2.Run the Ask fm IP tracker.
3. Fill In the information the program asks for
4. Press ' Track IP ' and wait
5. The IP will be found!!
6. ENJOY!!


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